Founder/Director, Candela Gallery, 2011 - present 

Founder/Publisher, Candela Books, 2010 - present 

Adjunct Professor, V.C.U., 2005 - 2014 

Freelance photographer / Fine artist, 1991 – present 

Emeritus Member, 1708 Gallery, 2009-present 


Univ. of Virginia - B.A. Studio Art / B.A. History - 1988 

Professional Experience: 

Publisher, Pine Tree Ballads, by Paul Thulin, 2019 

SPE, southeast regional, panelist For the Love of Books, Richmond, VA, 2019 

Publisher, 100 Views of a Drowning World, by Kahn & Selsnick, 2017 

SPE, National Convention, lecturer, Orlando, FL, 2017  

Photo Alliance, presenter, San Francisco, CA, 2016 

LOOK3, Education/Professional Practices, presenter, Charlottesville, VA, 2016 

TEDxRVA, presenter, with Terry Brown, 2015 

Maine Media Workshops, Masters Series Lecture, 2015 

Maine Media Workshops, Workshop Instrcutor, 2015 

Publisher, Direct Positive, by Willie Anne Wright, 2015 

Publisher, Black Forest, edited by Russell Joslin, 2014  

Publisher, Mangini Studio, 2014 

Publisher, Sunburn, by Chris McCaw, 2013 

Publisher, Salt & Truth ,by Shelby Lee Adams, 2011  

Editor/Writer/Publisher, Gita Lenz, 2010 

Guest Editor, Light Leaks Magazine, March 2008 

SPE, SE Regional, presenter, Richmond, VA, 2004 

Panelist for Virginia Commission for the Arts Fellowship Awards, 2003 

Vision Quest, workshop instructor, Wisconsin, 1998 

Portfolio Reviewer: 

FotoFest, 2018, 2020 

Medium, San Diego, CA 2015 

Filter Festival, Chicago, IL, 2015 

Review Santa Fe, NM, 2015 

PhotoNOLA, New Orleans, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2018 

ACP, Atlanta, GA ,, 2012, 2015 

Photo Lucida, 2013, 2915, 2019 

LOOK3 Festival, 2013 

FotoWeekDC, 2012 

Critical Mass, Reviewer, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 

Juror / Curator: 

Benefit Auction Co-Chair, Oakwood Arts, 2019 

Juror, Somerville Toy Camera Festival, 2019 

Juror, SlowExposures, Molena GA, 2019 

Benefit Auction Co-Chair, Oakwood Arts, 2018 

Juror, Size Matters, Medium festival exhibition, San Diego, CA, 2015 

Juror, Showcase 8, C4FAP, Fort Collins, CO, 2015 

Juror, This May Have Happened, Filter Festival exhibition, Chicago, IL, 2014 

Juror, CURRENTS, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, 2013  

Juror, Artworks, PhotoShow, Richmond, VA, 2007 

Juror, Artworks, All Media Show, Richmond, VA, 2006 

Juror, Governor’s Award, Richmond, VA, 2004 

Permanent Collections: 

Telfair Museums, Savannah, GA 

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA 

Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA 

Capital One, Richmond, Virginia 

Mariners Museum, Newport News, VA  

Rourke Art Gallery Museum, Moorhead, MN 

Longwood University, Farmville, VA 

Photo Media Center, Erie, PA 

Collection Photographica, Malmo, Sweden 

John Cleary Collection, Houston, Texas 

Solo Exhibitions: 

Miss Americana, Griffin Museum of Photography, 2019 

Mangini Studio, with Terry Brown, Images Vevey festival, Vevey Switzerland, 2016 

Rayko's Annual Plastic Camera Show, featured artist, Rayko, San Francisco, CA, 2016 

Mangini Studio, a collaboration with Terry Brown, Page Bond Gallery, Rich., VA, 2015  

Signals, Saints and Side Roads, Robin Rice Gallery, New York, NY, 2014 

Mangini Studio Series, a collaboration with Terry Brown, Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA 2014 

Route 1, Robin Rice Gallery, New York, NY, 2010 

Route 1, Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA, 2010 

Super Natural!, West Of the Moon, Flagstaff AZ, 2009 

Recent Work, Robin Rice Gallery, NY, 2006 

Low Fidelity, Capital One Galleries, Rich, VA 2004 

Circus Royale, Page Bond Gallery, Rich., VA, 2002 

12 Pictures, Collegiate Gallery, Rich., VA, 2000 

Emotional Accessories, Occupied Space, Mpls, MN, 1999 

Elvis Has Left the Building, Hopkins Cent. for Arts., MN, 1998 

No Mistakes..., Occupied Space, Mpls. MN, 1998 

Recent Work, Bero Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 1997 

Crash Test, Congress St. Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 1992 

25 Drawings, The Adobe, San Francisco, CA, 1991 

2-3 Person Exbibitions 

Mangini Studio, a collaboration with Terry Brown, Capital One, Richmond, VA, 2012 

Mangini Studio, a collaboration with Terry Brown, Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY, 2011 

Super Natural!, Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA, 2009 

Signal To Noise, Red Door Galerie, Zurich, Switz., 2008 

Naked Pilgrim, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA, 2007 

Mental Block Party, Artspace, Richmond, VA, 2001 

Diaz & Stettinius, Blue Sky, Portland, OR, 2000 

Last Picture Show, Coincidence Gallery, Rich. VA, 1999 

Down Home, Occupied Space, Mpls, MN, 1996 

Bride of Cheap Camerawork, Bero, Tucson, 1995 

Horses in the Hair Salon, f/x, Tucson, AZ, 1994 

Little Ghost Melting Ice, S & M, Tucson 1994 

Cheap Camerawork, Bero Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 1994 

Flesh, Fetish & Fragment, Film in the Cities, St. Paul, MN, 1993  

Selected Group Exhibitions: 

Narration | Location, Portsmouth Arts and Cultural Center, 2019 

Sumertime Salon, Robin Rice Gallery, 2019 

Time After Time, Quaid Gallery, Tampa, FL, 2019 

Southern Icons, Slow Exposures, Molena, GA, 2016 

Mangini Studio installation, with Terry Brown, Boyd Satellite Gallery, New Orleans, LA, 2015 

Politico Popup, New Orleans Art Center, 2015 

Hidden in Plain Site, Page Bond Gallery, Rich., VA, 2014 

Annual Plastic Camera Show, Rayko, San Francisco, CA, 2014 

Wondrous Indeed, Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado Springs, CO, 2014 

Krappy Kamera, Soho Photo Gallery, NY, 2014 

Mangini Studio Series, Virginia Museum of Fine Art, 2013 

Soar, Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, 2013 

Portrayal/Betrayal, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 2012 

Snail Mail, Museum of Fine Art Houston, 2012 

I'll Be Your Mirror, HomeSpace, New Orleans, 2012 

Land Not Lost, Staniar Gallery, W&L, Lexington, 2012 

Southern Memories, Griffin, Georgia, 2010 

The American Dream, NOPA, N.O., LA, 2010 

Click, Glave Kocen Gallery, Richmond, VA, 2010 

Pictures of People, V.A.C., Portsmouth, VA, 2009 

Collectible, Wallspace, Seattle, WA, 2008 

Cheap Shots, Photo Center NW, Seattle, WA, 2007 

Acts of Faith, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2007 

More!, Plant Zero, Richmond, VA 2006  

Radius 250, Artspace, Richmond, VA, 2005 

Photo Play, Angel City, Santa Monica, CA, 2004 

Advance/Recede, C.A.C., Glen Allen, VA, 2004 

Summer Show, Robin Rice Gallery, NY, 2004 

Summer Show, Robin Rice Gallery, NY, 2003 

Think Small II, Artspace Gallery, Rich., VA, 2003  

Memory, Rourke Museum, Moorhead, MN, 2003 

Summer Show, Robin Rice Gallery, NY, 2002 

Cont. Photo. in VA, Roanoke Art Museum, 2002  

Flow ofLanguage, William Woodward Gall., Cinc., OH, 2001 

Summer Show, Robin Rice Gallery, NY, 2001 

International Plastic , Tincher Gallery, Mpls., MN 2001 

Fresh Works, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA, 2001 

Virginia Connections, 1708 Gallery Rich., VA, 2000 

Toy Stories, Orange C.C.for A., L.A., CA, 1998 

Art of Communication, Coincidence, Rich., VA, 1998 

Rec. Acquisitions, Photos Do Not Bend, Dallas, 1997 

Plastic Fantastic, E3 Gallery, New York, NY, 1997 

Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Mpls.Institute of Art, 1996 

Nat. Juried Exhibition, Phoenix Gallery, NY, 1996 

Nat. Juried Exhibition, 1708 Gallery, Rich. VA, 1996 

The Horse Show, Sylvia White, L.A. CA, 1996 

Shots, Afterimage Gallery, Houston, Tx., 1996 

Secret Museums, Rourke Museum, Moorhead, MN, 1996 

Father's Day Show, Parts Gallery, Mpls, MN, 1996  

Reframing Tradition, C.A.W., New Haven, CT, 1996  

Going to the Dogs, Nash Gallery, Mpls, MN, 1996 

Bride of CheapCamerawork, Bero Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 1995 

Arizona Photographers 2, Polaroid Gall., Tokyo, 1995 

Blue Light Inv., Mars Artspace, Phoenix, AZ, 1995 

Photo Metro, Annual Exhibition, Oakland, CA, 1994 

La Phoeniquera, Mars Artspace, Phoenix, AZ, 1994 

Interrogating the Other, Hoodoo Theatre, Tucson 1994 

Small Works Salon, Red Eye Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 1993 

Grants, Awards, Festivals:  

Mangini Studio, featured at Images Vevey photography festival, Vevey, Switzerland, 2016 

Mangini Studio, featured at Les Rencontres d'Arles, photography festival, 2015 

Theresa Pollack Award, Excellence in the Arts, 2009 

Golden Light Award, Maine Workshops, 2003 & 2004 

Exhibition Grant, Polaroid Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 1995 


Emeritus, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA, 2009 - Present 

Artist Board, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA, 2000 – 2009 

Art of Elysium, Los Angeles, CA 

Silver Eye Center, Pittsburgh, PA 

Project Aftermath, Los Angeles, CA 

Hayes Hitzeman Foundation, Richmond, Virginia 

SF Camerawork, San Francisco 

Red Wiggler Community Farm, Frederick, MD 

Virginia League of Planned Parenthood, Richmond, VA 

Art 180, Richmond, VA 

Emergency Foodshelf Network, Minneapolis, MN 

Ramsey County Humane Society, St. Paul, MN 

Tucson Pima County AIDS Coalition, Tucson, AZ 


The Reflexive Self: Particpant as Observer, edited by Aline Smithson & Greer Muldowney, 2017 

Mangini Studio, monograph with Terry Brown, Candela Books, 2015 

Fraction Magazine, February, 2010 

Hot Metal Bridge, University of Pittsburgh, 2008 

Circus Royale, portfolio, The Sun Magazine, 2008 

Richmond Magazine, artist feature, April 2007 

Toying with Creativity, by Michelle Bates, 2006 

Scott Miller & The Commonwealth, Citation, CD, 2006 

Creative Vision, Jeremy Webb, AVA, featured, 2006 

JPG Magazine, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, 2005 

Virginia Living Magazine, September 2005 

Richmond Magazine, September, 2005 

Toycamera, Light Leak Press, 2004 

Touch My Heart, Johnny Paycheck Tribute, 2004 

Rockabilly Rumble Deuce, Golly Gee, 2004 

Robert Earl Keen, The Party Never Ends, CD , 2003 

Drill Magazine, November 2003 

The Sun Magazine, October, 2003 

New Stories from the South, cover ,Algonquin, 2002 

Stephen Bruton, Spirit World, CD packaging 

Richmond Magazine, “24 Hours in Richmond”, 2002 

Shots Magazine, #75, #76, 2002 

Bruce Hornsby, broad promotional campaign, 2002 

Richmond Ballet, broad advertising, 2001 

64 magazine, regular contributor, 2000, 2001 

Chuck Brodsky, Last of the Old Times, CD, 2000 

Shots Magazine, interview, December 2000  

Blue Dogs, Letters From Round-o, CD cover, 2000 

Punchline, Richmond, VA, 2001, 2000, 1999 

Artscene, Los Angeles, CA 1999 

Richmond Montessori School, annual report, 1999 

Rykodisc, various promotional materials, 1999  

Minnesota Technology, May, 1999 

Hope Magazine, illustrations, March, 1999 

Womenfolks, Shirley Abbott, cover, Mariner 1998 

Hope magazine, illustrations, May 1998  

Shots Magazine, #59 (cover, Spring 1998) 

American Paint, American Paint, CD, 1998 

Richmond Times-Dispatch, reviewed January 16, 1998 

Style Weekly, Richmond, VA, review, Jan., 1998 

The Shining Times, holiday 1997 

A.I.G.A. Newsletter , featured artist, Nov. 1997 

Harcourt Brace publishing, Spring catalog, 1997 

Dog Soldiers, Robert Stone, cover, 1997 

Night Ride Home, Barbara Esstman, cover art, 1997  

Hope Magazine, September - October 1997 

Backsliders, Throwing Rocks..., CD, Mammoth 1997 

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Utne Reader, cover art, January-February, 1996 

Shout! Magazine, volume 2.5, November 1996 

Minneapolis Star Tribune, review, January 19, 1996 

City Pages, December 1995 

35 Summers, Biblioteca, CD cover art, 1995 

Aluminum Canoe, cover art, poetry collection, 1995 

Smart Money Magazine, February 1995 

Photo Metro, San Francisco, October 1994 

Southwest Gallery, april 1994 

In Cold Blood, Truman Capote, cover, Vintage, 1994 

Visiting Artist:  

Corcoran School of the Arts, Washington D.C. 

University of South Carolina 

Hampden Sydney College  

Virginia Commonwealth University 

Visual Art Center, Richmond, VA 

Minneapolis Community College, Mpls. MN  

University of Minnesota, Mpls. MN